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  • Product Name::ABLS-16.000MHZ-B4-T
  • encapsulation:ABLS
  • number106363
  • Brand:Abracon LLC
  • Selling price:¥#VALUE!
BOM Intelligent allocation
    Description of enquiry:
  • The file contains the following formats: comments on inquiries, your contact information (phone number/email)
  • 1. If the purchasing quantity is close to the whole package quantity, it is suggested to order according to the whole package inquiry price to facilitate transportation and storage.
  • 2. In order to guarantee the quality and efficiency of service, the inquiry model must satisfy the following conditions before it can get the quotation reply.
  • The total value of the model is not less than 200 US dollars (1000 RMB)
  • The maximum acceptable time limit for reply to inquiries is not more than 24 hours.
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Commodity Description

    CRYSTAL 16.0000MHZ 18PF SMD

Trading instructions

    类型MHz 晶体

ESR(等效串联电阻)40 Ohms
工作温度-20°C ~ 70°C
大小\/尺寸0.449" 长 x 0.185" 宽(11.40mm x 4.70mm)
高度 - 安装(最大值)0.165"(4.20mm)

File download
ABLS-16.000MHZ-B4-T download
Common problem
Q: Why is the delivery time of the order in Hongzeweiye longer?
Answer: Usually, Hongze Weiye delivers goods in 2-4 working days after placing an order. Hongze Weiye is very careful about each shipment. In case of inconsistency between batch number and order, quantity, special marking, etc., it will delay the shipment. After communication with ICGWW, the whole order will be sent out again. From the beginning to the end, it will be responsible to customers, so as to avoid the time and money cost caused by wrong shipment. 。
Question: In Hongzeweiye's product details, namely & quot; detail & quot; the difference between RoHS and Lead Free (LF)?
A: Many people think that RoHS-compliant products are lead-free products, which is wrong. RoHS is a mandatory standard formulated by EU legislation. The purpose of RoHS is to eliminate lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls and polybrominated biphenyl ethers (PBDEs) in electrical and electronic products. It emphatically stipulates that the content of lead should not exceed 0.1%, that is, it can contain lead, but the content of lead is limited. Lead Free (LF) or PB Free means lead-free, that is, the product is completely free of lead.
Question: In Hongze Weiye's order, there is a quality problem. How to return the goods?
1. Return is timeliness, customers need to feedback quality problems to ICGWW after-sales service department within 10 days. It is recommended that customers check and test the goods at the first time after receiving them so as not to exceed the return period.
2. Retain the original label of Hongze Weiye and provide clear photos with Hongze Weiye label, which will be used to judge the source of goods ordered when returned.
3. Provide authoritative official English version test report or customer's own detailed test report, including detailed description of the test process, quality problems in the test and comparison of normal conditions, as well as test program diagram or photos.
In short, detailed instructions are the guarantee of successful returns. Generally, returns will be answered within three weeks.
Q: Can packaging and other parameter information be implemented in Hongze Weiye's order? Can technical support be provided?
Answer: Hongzeweiye does not have its own technical support, nor does it provide encapsulation and other information, so you can refer to the technical information (data sheet) on the official website or Hongzeweiye can provide photos for reference in the case of model uncertainty.
Question: Can you mark some special requirements when placing an order with Hongzeweiye?
Answer: When placing an order, the basic information displayed in our order includes model, quantity, manufacturer, batch number, environmental protection, unit price and total amount; if there are special requirements, the information that can be marked is: batch number is absolutely identical, must be original packaging, must be lead-free products, any additional requirements can not be marked, such as packaging, request to provide pallets, roll or Pipe loading before delivery, etc.
Q: Can we cancel or change the order quantity after Hongzeweiye placed the order?
Answer: In Hongze Weiye's order, the order is submitted to the supplier at 4:30 p.m. every day, and then the supplier's business personnel input the order into the system. As long as the order can be changed or cancelled before the completion of the system input, generally before 5 o'clock; but after the system input and lock in the data, the order can not be modified even without delivery.
Question: If Hongzeweiye determines the wrong model, can we return or exchange the goods? Can we apply for a refund if we are responsible for the freight required for the refund?
Answer: Only in the following two cases can Hongze Weiye apply for a refund or exchange of goods.
1. The goods shipped by Hongzeweiye do not conform to the model of the order.
2. There are quality problems in the shipment itself. So please confirm the model you need before ordering. Otherwise, we can only take responsibility for any problems. Even if they bear the freight, they can not apply for refund.
Question: If there are quality problems in the goods ordered by Hongzeweiye or when the quantity is found insufficient, how can we solve them?
Answer: The situation of shortage or quality problems rarely happens. Hongzeweiye will carry out strict QC inspection before it leaves the warehouse. If it happens, customers need to provide photos, including Hongzeweiye's label, the model of the goods and physical photos, and then negotiate replenishment or return.
Q: How long does it take to place an order in ICGWW Mall?
Answer: ICGWW authorizes many powerful global suppliers to act as agents for their products. Most of them are located in American or European warehouses. Therefore, even spot products (with spot) need to be delivered within 7-10 working days from the date of ordering. Customers can choose to deliver in Hong Kong to shorten the delivery time and deliver within 4 working days.
Q: Why are some of your products more expensive than others?
Answer: All our products are original and authentic, with stable supply, regular channels and guaranteed quality. We provide a value-added service, which aims to help domestic customers order reliable products from abroad. It is convenient and fast, and can provide customers with one-stop solutions. In addition, tariffs are also included in our quotation, which may be higher than those offered by other domestic traders. If you choose to deliver in Hong Kong, the price will be much lower.